COBIT® 5 Foundation
by PeopleCert
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Enrique Mora

Issued on

12 Dec 2018

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  • COBIT 5 metrics and maturity models
  • Cybersecurity
  • Risk
  • Process management
  • Resource optimisation
  • Organisational Change

This badge shows that the holder has sufficient knowledge of the COBIT 5 guidance to be able to understand the key principles of COBIT 5 for the Governance and Management of Enterprise IT, create awareness with their business executives and senior IT Management and assess the current state of their Enterprise IT with the objective of scoping what aspects of COBIT 5 would be appropriate to implement.


COBIT 5 Foundation is ideal for professionals involved in assurance, security, risk, privacy/compliance and business leaders and stakeholders involved in or affected by governance and management of information and IT systems. This badge is awarded to candidates who have successfully completed the COBIT 5 Foundation exam with a score of at least 50%. There are no formal entry criteria or training requirements to sit the exam.